iPads are for fun too 

Like Mahjong?
Sara shared this mahjong site : Moonlight Mahjong Lite.
This is a double-sided lite version.

Got Art?

Test your color memory. Color Maniac.
So you think you really know where all the oranges belong in Cezanne’s Still Life with Apples and Oranges? Check this out…ArtPuzzle (HD lite)
Art HD (free version). Loaded with information. Pinch zoom feature.
Ever play with spin art as a kid? Here is a lite and non-messy version. SpinArt Lite.

Favorite Word Games
Chicktionary (free version). More fun than challenging – but kids and BCU students like it.
Aha (free version). Timed and challenging.
Word Storm (lite). Challenging!

Now Entering the EXTREME Time Vacuum…
This app is a total time vacuum but I am a chump when it comes to fireworks and sparkly things: Pushy Pixels (free version). Swipe your finger, hold your finger in one spot, draw with your finger…don’t say I didn’ t warn you. There are settings in the “i” icon.