Collaboration Apps 

Here is my attempt at comparing a few apps for group work.  Do you have others you would like to try?

App Name Price Show Files? Share on Web Share on App Share w/ computer Notes

SyncPad Reader

$10 host;

$0 guest

PDF from Dropbox Yes Yes Yes – in web browser, read only Really needs a strong wifi signal to work well;

Only host apps can edit, but they can edit at the same time

Share Board

Share Board Client

$8 host;

$0 guest


Images from Photo Library No Yes No Only shares across 4 devices at a time; works on iPad or iPod Touch
Sundry Notes Pro;

Sundry Notes


$0 w/ ads

PDF from Dropbox, Evernote, Google No Yes No…? But does have Facebook / Twitter integration? Seems to have a LOT of features, but the interface is not easy to figure out
Air Sketch $8

$0 guest

PDF from other other apps Yes Yes Yes, in web browser on same wifi Sometimes loses connection