1. Leave a first-week post on the iPad Pilot site:  https://bcupilot.wordpress.com/
  2. Sign up for Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/ and get the free iPad app.
  3. Optional: Try out Google Docs or Evernote or (fill in the blank…)


Round Table – summary of first week’s experience

  • 1 thing you still want to learn or solve
  • 1 thing that surprised you (positive or negative)
  • 1 thing you liked or enjoyed

iPad Pilot WordPress – https://bcupilot.wordpress.com/

  • Add Bookmark or icon to Home Screen
  • Navigating the site
  • Sign up / Log in
  • Writing a post, leaving comments
  • Feedback

Files on the iPad


  • AppShopper: http://appshopper.com/
    • App Activity – prices, updates
    • Wish List – get notifications or emails about price drops
  • iTunes App Store
    • Featured, Categories, Genius
    • Search – iPad vs. iPhone vs. Universal
    • Sorting boxes in iPad App Store
    • Ratings & Reviews – Current vs. All Versions
      • not everyone who leaves a rating leaves a review
    • Email to Friend