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I don’t remember if this was posted yet: Leatherbound is an app that compares ebook prices.

This is copied and pasted from AppAdvice:

The Economist Releases World In Figures App
by Bryan M. Wolfe on July 27, 2011

he Economist World in Figures 2011 Edition app has arrived for the iPhone/iPod touch. The app features all you’ve ever wanted to know about more than 190 countries from around the world.

The $.99 app includes four main sections, Ranking Topics, Country List, Compare Tool, and Trivia.

The first offers different world rankings according to numerous factors including Education, Death and Disease, and City living to name three examples.

Each country’s listing includes its population, GDP, GDP per head, and Median Age. In addition, you’ll learn more about the country’s people, economy, and its structure of employment, among other tools.

The app’s Compare Tool is just that; a way to compare one or more countries with others.

To use, first you must select a ranking topic.

Next, pick the countries you want to compare.

Finally, select the “compare” button.

For example, I compared the number of prisoners per 100,000 people for the United States and Russia. According to the app, the U.S. (753) and Russia (660) rank first and second in this category.

Finally, there is the app’s Trivia feature. While I was expecting some sort of trivia game here, I was mistaken. The feature lists information about certain countries each time you begin the app. I was definitely underwhelmed with this feature.

Overall, The Economist World in Figures 2011 Edition app is impressive, offering its users lots of information on a range of topics. Even with its weak trivia component, the app is worth its price of $.99.”