The Lazarus Extension

Also unrelated to the iPad … ever filled out an online form, only to lose all the information? The Prof Hacker blog has a link to a browser plug-in that can recover all that great stuff you typed up. From their blog post:

“Do yourself a favor then, and immediately install the Lazarus: Form Recovery extension, which automatically saves everything you write on the web in an SQLite database on your computer. If your computer or browser crashes, simply reopen the web page, right-click (or your one-button mouse equivalent) in the form you were using, and you’ll be able to restore the lost text.

Lazarus can be configured to meet your own needs or privacy concerns. For example, you can limit the number of days that autosaved text is retained in the database, you can disable Lazarus for specific sites, and perhaps most importantly, you can password-protect and encrypt your Lazarus database.”

The blog post:

The Lazarus Extension: