Notes from Bev’s Visit

President Bev Wharton came to our session on Monday to share her notes from the Academia Apple Conference that she and Bill attended in California just a couple weeks ago. Hopefully Apple will be sending out presentation notes / slides soon and she will forward those along when she receives them. These are just quick bullet points from the notes she shared, which were also quick bullet points, so if it seems like there is some context missing, that would be why. I have added links and additional information where I could find it.

Apple Academia — Invitations went to private colleges

  • 100 colleges represented, BCU was the only Siouxland university with both President and VP of Academic Affairs
  • It was two to three days long, lots of presentations

Presentations from previous Apple Education Leadership Summits (

Presentations covered aspects of technology in education, with some Apple influence

John Couch, VP Education at Apple

  • Learning is changing for students
  • “We believe every student is uniquely gifted, learning model is changing”
  • Past – compliance, attendance, correction and one size fits all
  • Future – participative, personal, motivating, individual
  • Before returning to Apple, he turned around a school system from low performance to high
  • Apple’s culture of leading edge change: Apple has or is changing the computer, music, publishing and education industries
  • Apple is putting more faculty development material online:
  • Apple says iPad is content, not technology
  • Future – professors will be connected to students in dialogue, as a guide
  • Learner centered education

St. Thomas University, St, Paul – putting the MBA program on the iPad

Anya from FastCompany

Ron Johnson, Retail and Marketing at Apple … The stores

  • … Making the stores a social experience
  • … Need to create a lot of ideas, don’t let people suck the oxygen out of ideas
  • … Apple says no a lot to stay focused but more and more ideas encouraged, improved
  • Audience challenged the speakers on learning assessment
  • “don’t let middle age ideas stop the students from learning”
  • Great brands inspires people’s spirit; Culture of Relentless innovation, innovation takes belief that you can do it, skeptics settle for just improvement of existing methods
  • For Apple, Open = loss of control in quality of product
  • When they make a decision to change products, they don’t keep making the old one

Presentations from Duke and Seton Hill; iPad has changed the conversation on campus for both students and faculty, didn’t force it on people but after a year, even naysayers were interested in getting involved

iPad leveled the playing field – now everyone has the same thing, Seton Hill is a Title III school, use grant funding for iPad project

Seton Hill University:

Duke University:

Martin Been, Vice Chancellor, Open University, England

  • Facebook – how many of us would be in in our jobs if it had been around when we were young
  • 12 year old said, school is like an airplane … Sit down, trust the pilot, and turn everything off
  • Grounded in social justice
  • Technology enables engaged and relevant learning

Jason Ediger, iTunes U :

  • Spoke about mobile devicees … mobile internet access will be higher than desktop internet access by 2014
  • Transforms the classroom, changes how subjects are taught but not a substitution
  • iTunes U
  • Discovery Education for K12
  • apps and digital books
  • Flash is a click and keyboard based interface, will have to change for touch based interfaces
  • Have moved beyond content consumption into content creation