Apps and ideas from today’s session

All kinds of great ideas and suggestions today!  A very quick but incomplete rundown:

  • Student Support Services tried out Doceri this past week – a smartboard-like app for the iPad
  • Brenda saw Poll Everywhere used at a conference with tablets and phones
  • A couple folks are using Flipboard to keep up with news
  • Jay is looking at the iResponse app for in-class quizzes and surveys
  • Kelly is using Evernote more and more for note-taking
  • A lot of folks are limited in how much they can use the iPad because of wifi access.
  • Nancy McGuire has been having fun with the CoolHunting app
  • Theresa is using the StatViz app for a class she’s taking from USD
  • Heather has been trying out Soundhound for discovering music
  • Marian is using Dragon Dictation for voice transcription, but had some problems sharing Google Docs with non-gmail users
  • Sam showed us how he’s using iAnnotate PDF to grade student papers
  • Some questions came up about how to get student papers from Angel onto the iPad; Sam downloads them onto his computer then moves them to Dropbox, which syncs to his iPad.  Another option is discussed in this Prof Hacker post, which allows students to send files directly to a professor’s Dropbox without having to share folder permissions with everyone in class.
  • If I missed something, please add it in the comments!

For Next Week (starting this Thursday):

For our next few meetings, let’s take the opportunity to test out group-based apps while we have an iPad-using group handy.  For example, Todd will be bringing a quizz app to this Thursday’s session and we’ll all test it out from the student perspective while he tests out the results.  Other possibilities could be group annotation, sketching, photo sharing, etc.

This might also be a good time to try out apps you want to demonstrate at the Faculty Institute for the coming Fall.