Productivity Suite Question

I am comparing the iWorks suite with Quick Office and if I am reading things correctly it looks like iWorks has a better interface and more features in general (with twice the price tag, $30 for Pages/Numbers/Keynote). The one area where it is lacking is cloud support. Unless I am missing something in their documentation, it doesn’t look like the iWorks products have any built-in way to play nice with storage like Dropbox, which would be mighty nice for working on projects at home, office or on the go. My understanding is that I would basically have to Mail it to myself (the iWorks app can do this) or pony up for a MobileMe subscription account that Apple runs to bilk some more money out of me. This makes the iWorks suite somewhat less attractive for me. If I misunderstand or have missed documentation of an update could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.