more issues – I’ve just tried to access ANGEL on my ipad in my office:

using Safari:
I get a screen that will not scroll up/down or left/right even tho not all the courses on my ANGEL menu are visible.
There are lots of ? marks – I presume this means that the screen is not displayed correctly.
There are no navigation tabs or buttons visible – e.g. ‘logout’, ‘home’, ‘help’
Touching the links that do show up results only in the display “jumping” a bit – nothing else – no new pages, no error messages, no nothing.

Using Atomic Web –
I get a menu that has nothing other than a box with “home” and “logout” buttons, a public announcements box, a public information box, and a search and help box.
the little identity icon in the upper right of the main section of the screen says “guest” even tho the box with the home and logout buttons has ‘harringtonl1’ in its title bar
Nothing happens when I touch either the home or logout button –
The navigation buttons down the left side of the screen appear to work – got a help screen, and I think it would log me off, but i’ve lost the wi-fi connection – a hazard of my office location???