Frustrations and questions:
Apple navigation is not “intuitively obvious to the most casual observer,” at least not for someone like me who has used Microsoft products since the days of DOS – and other operating systems such as Unix and IBM’s mainframe OS. Is there a tutorial/cheat sheet for navigation in the Apple world?

My “touch” seldom hits the option that I want (could be an eye-hand coordination issue, I know – I’ve ordered a stylus to see if that will help). Is there a secret to the touch?

Do apps close when you hit the “home” button so you see the main screen? If not, how do you close them?

How do you go back to a previous display when there is no arrow at the top of the screen? The double tap on that ‘home’ button (is that what it’s called – the round indented botton on the short side of the ipad) will get a row of icons across the bottom – are they all open? or are they just what you’ve got on your main screen? If they’re open, how did they get that way when I haven’t accessed them in the current “session” with the ipad? Do things close automatically if they’re not accessed for a while?