Really Good to Have Apps

So these aren’t in my “must have” lists below, but they are apps that I use all the time.  But I realize I’m weird, so I’m just including them here in case you’re weird, too.


Kindle – you can get any of the ebook readers as apps for the iPad, but I do think Amazon is leading the way with the Kindle app and Kindle website.  Much better comment sharing options than the others so far, even if it does leave some features to be desired.

Evernote – if you make lists, collect quotes, jot on post-its, then Evernote might be for you. It can become your brain – text, images, handwriting, and all.  Dozens of apps work with Evernote on the iPad, you can access it from just about any device — computer, phone, tablet.  And the searching is absolutely awesome.

Flipboard – you might have heard about this one already; a nice, relaxing way to read the news. Whatever news you choose.

Adobe Ideas – if you think you might want to do any drawing ever, go ahead and get this great little free app from Adobe. Very simple and straightforward for a drawing app.


WordBook XL – I don’t play games so much as I look up words.  Although there are options for expensive Oxford English Dictionary apps, I am satisfied with this $3 app that uses the WordNet resource from Princeton University.  It includes thesaurus features and some word origins, plus IPA phonetics.  I can spend LOTS of time in this app alone.

Star Walk for iPad – this is one of those showcase apps that makes the iPad seem different from a laptop.  If your home wifi extends out into your yard, you can take your iPad outside and, with this app, figure out which constellations, planets, stars, and other celestial bodies you’re seeing right above your head.  Absolutely beautiful.

Garage Band – Apple introduced this app at the iPad 2 keynote event. It’s a really good price for an app with a big punch.  Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body (welcome to the club!), you will find yourself experimenting with this app.  I highly recommend looking at Apple’s site to get a sense of what it can do: