Must Have Paid Apps

First and Foremost …

PDF Expert – I *love* this app. It can sync with Dropbox, or pull in files you receive in email, or get files from a website.  You can highlight, comment, and scribble on PDF files, then email back to whoever needs them.  A good alternative is GoodReader for a bit less money. Both apps are good for reading long articles, PDF ebooks, newsletters and so on.

Atomic Web Browser – to be honest, Safari (the default iPad web browser) drives me crazy.  Atomic Web handles tabs, bookmarks, and other features the way I expect.  But there are hundreds of web browser apps in the app store, so try a few.  There is a free version of Atomic but that version won’t remember what webpage you were last on when you close the app.

Working with MS Office files …

The short answer is Quickoffice for $14.99, which will handle Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. It will sync your documents with Google Docs or Dropbox.

The long answer is – what do you really do in MS Office?  Are you just creating documents with lots of text?  Then you don’t really need Word or Word-equivalent apps.  You can have a much better experience using something simple and cheaper like Writings or something beautiful and more expensive like Pages or Numbers or Keynote.

You can also try using Google Docs – which I *highly* recommend for all kinds of writing.  It lets you collaborate with others instantly, it keeps a revision history for you, and it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.  All you need on the iPad is a web browser like Safari or Atomic, or back on your regular computer just use Firefox or IE.