Here is my starter list of free apps…

Here is my starter list of free apps for the iPad.  I consider these basic utilities that probably should have come packaged with it. Of course, your mileage may vary. 🙂 The app names are links to the app description pages.

AppShopper – see the price and update history of any app, keep a wishlist and be notified when apps go on sale; the very first app to download in order to check on all the others

Weather Channel Max for iPad – although the ads do get a bit annoying, this is one of the best weather apps available; set multiple locations, see the 10-day forecast, get severe weather alerts

Calculator for iPad Free – in landscape, it’s a scientific calculator; in portrait, it’s regular.  Many, many apps like this in the store.

Dropbox – we’ll be looking at ways to get your files on and off the iPad; is the pivotal point.